SAAS Session organizers & participants

1) Decolonizing research and community engagement.
Organized by:
Carla Jaimes Betancourt of the University of Bonn
Bruna Cigaran da Rocha of the Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará

2) Indigenous responses to climate change and environmental justice.
Organized by:
George Mentore of the University of Virginia
Giancarlo Rolando of Trinity College
Joined by participants
Paola Solis Huertas of Wageningen University
Rosalyn Bold of University College London

3) Intersectional gender studies in the Amazon and Andes.
Organized by:
Sofia Chacaltana Cortez of the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya
Kylie Quave of the George Washington University

4) Future directions for globally-engaged Amazonian and Andean studies.
Organized by:
Sonia Alconini of the University of Virginia

Keynote speaker – Eduardo Góes Neves (University of São Paulo, Brazil) will present the current state of: Amazonian archaeology, including agroforestry, early plant domestication, social complexity and alternative forms of urbanism, and applied archaeology.